Oswego Private Wealth Management plays a unique role in our clients’ lives by acting as their “Family CFO” to simplify and coordinate the complexities of wealth management.

We work with successful entrepreneurs and affluent, individuals families to help them create a plan to pursue their goals and all that is important to them.

Together, with a team of professionals in areas including accounting, legal, tax planning and more, we create a comprehensive financial strategy that’s customized for your needs. We then monitor your strategy and portfolio on an ongoing basis to ensure it stays aligned as your goals change over time.


Below are the typical components of the Advanced Planning we offer: 

Wealth Preservation – We conduct a thorough review of your day-to-day financial operations and identify opportunities for improvement or greater efficiency to help you on the path towards reaching your goals. Our aim is to produce the best possible investment returns consistent with your time frame and tolerance for risk.

Wealth Enhancement – Our team works to ensure you are paying your fair share in taxes, but nothing more. By working to minimize and mitigate the impact of taxes on your finances, we enable you to stay on the most efficient path towards meeting your goals.

Asset Preservation – You’ve worked hard to build your wealth and you need protections in place to guard it. We review your insurance coverages and other documents, to help preserve your assets from death, illness, litigation and more.

Wealth Transfer – Given the ever-changing nature of today’s tax environment, affluent families must be proactive about their wealth transfer plans. We work with your legal team to design estate planning and wealth transfer strategies that ensure your heirs and loved ones are cared for.

Charitable Giving – You’ve achieved a lot with your success and you may be looking for a way to create an impact on the world at large. We evaluate strategies and techniques to magnify your impact on the charities and causes you care about.