Eric Bedritis

Eric Bedritis is a dedicated professional who serves as the Director of Advanced Planning at Oswego Private Wealth Management. Eric had 15 years of experience in supply chain management before joining OPWM in 2021.

With a keen focus on delivering exceptional service to successful entrepreneurs and businesses owners, eric specializes in delivering comprehensive Advanced Planning Services in the areas of business valuations, wealth enhancement, wealth protection, cash flow management, tax minimization, wealth transfer and charitable giving.

In his role, Eric works closely with clients’ other advisors, including estate planning experts, business attorneys, and CPAs, to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to wealth management.

Eric’s steadfast commitment to collaborating with a network of professionals reflects his dedication to delivering tailored solutions for his clients’ financial planning and business transition needs. His expertise and commitment make him a valuable resource for those seeking to navigate the complexities of wealth management and financial planning, particularly in the context of business transition and asset optimization.

Through his collaborative approach, Eric aims to facilitate seamless coordination and strategic alignment across all aspects of his clients’ wealth management and business transition objectives.

Outside of the office, Eric is an accomplished athlete who thrives on the challenges and competition that sports bring to his life. Through athletics, he learned the value of discipline, perseverance and teamwork-qualities that he brings to his personal and professional life as well. Understanding that success is not achieved alone, he builds strong relationships collaborating with clients and their other advisors.